High Technology and Human Development

Tom-and-Mary-Poppendieck-reflect-on-what-makes-a-successful-business-and-on-where-lean-software-development-is-headedSome fundamental assumptions – often fashioned by leaders and supported by the – exercise the collective conscience of the. The development is generally superior but not always civilized. The assumptions in question are of this form: “Our degree of technological progress is second to none. Upon reaching this amount, we additionally need to prepare our society for peace, and to ensure the peace, technology must be revised to cultivate the policy of war.” Technological progress that’s pushed in this way establishes for other societies that worry a danger to their individual sovereignties. They can be shoved to also cultivate a war technology.

In the realm of culture, this style of development isn’t praiseworthy, nor is it justifiable. Since it isn’t justifiable, it’s not socially responsible. An inspection of the assumptions will show that it’s the last one that presents a difficulty.

High Technology and Human DevelopmentA society that progress in accordance with the presuppositions that are preceding – and particularly according to the illogical decision – has carried the head of non-negotiable superiority to its individuals. The power of fire dictates the rate of human actions. Whether in willed partnerships or constructive engagements, the rule of equality does not function just due to the superiority syndrome that grasps the leader and the led. And another society that will not share in fire of such society or the collective sensibilities has, by the sense that is estimated, become a potential or real adversary and confronts confrontation on all possible fronts.

Most of what we learn about the current universe, via the media, needless to say, is controlled by state of the art technology. Are again, time and additionally, promised to be the most complex. It’s not their progress that lifts them to the pinnacle of superiority, power, and recognition. They are able to additionally use technology to simplify and move an understanding of nature and life in an alternative way, a direction that has a tendency to remove, as much as possible, a previous link between nature and life that was, in many respects, dangerous and mystical. This last point doesn’t always mean that technological progress is a symbol of a superior culture.