Tips For Protecting Your Electronic Medical Records


The invention of electronic medical records (EMR) has simply revolutionized the health care industry. With the huge surge in a number of patients and clients, the health care facilities are able to deliver timely and efficient service making use of the electronic medical records. However, the technology has been evolving at the time and it is necessary for every health care facility to utilize the latest means of EMR. You can consider utilizing the EMR consulting services by TrueNorthITG, if you are looking for highly reliable, advanced and time-tested EMR IT solutions. For more information on latest technology and business news, you can just go through this popular website

Disasters can happen anytime and it could not be predicted. For a health care facility, which deals with health and lives of many should proactively engage in backing up the electronic data in a periodic manner. Following are some simple steps that help you know whether your health care facility is well-prepared to tackle the disaster.

First you need to conduct an assessment to find out what are the things immediately required, upon the event of a disaster, and find who will need to access the same. You should choose the right type of media storage media for your electronic data backup, according to your needs and requirement. During this process, it is necessary to determine the acceptable recovery time.

First, you should create a disaster recovery plan and then test the same before the deployment. Testing could reveal the weakness (if any) of your recovery plan. It is also necessary to ensure that the electronic data is efficiently encrypted to prevent the theft. All the data should be backed-up in a periodical manner (once in a week or 15 days). You can determine the frequency considering the level of risks.

Laptops should never be neglected when creating a disaster recovery plan. Nowadays, many people use laptops for various crucial tasks and therefore leaving laptops could put a business under a significant level of risk. The backup data should be stored in different in different media at different locations, among which one should be kept at an offsite location.

These days, storing data in the cloud is considered as one of the cheap, efficient and highly practical options for data back-up. The utilization of cloud avoids the need for excessive hardware and related maintenance for data back-up. In order to achieve the best result, you should partner have a tie-up with a good technology partner, who can provide all the assistance for implementing and maintaining efficient data backup operation.

There are many service providers to deliver IT solutions to organizations of different sizes. What is more important is that you should choose a company that can deliver what your health care facility requires, with respect to electronic medical record management. You should consider the experience, reputation and track record to finalize the best service provider.

Before signing the agreement with your service provider, you should be clear about the cost involved. It is not good to choose a service simply because it offers cheap service, while compromising on safety and security.


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